new music: Lauren Ray

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from British singer/songwriter Lauren Ray whose indie meets country meets folk tones make for some absolutely brilliant tracks, like her recent single ‘Drive’ which you can check out below.

The track is a beautifully stunning indie ballad with tinkling pianos and softly hit hi-hats dancing around the edges of the harmonious, lilting vocals of Lauren Ray in the opening verse. Choruses have a catchy edge to them, making you want to sing and dance along to this wonderful track with hugely emotional undertones running throughout from those great storytelling lyrics. Full of soul from those richly layered vocals, this still remains a laid back number that you could easily sit back and relax to.

After releasing her debut EP last year, Ray is back with her brand new single which is set to be released on April 29th. It is taken from the forthcoming album ‘We Will Need Courage’ which is out this summer. Here’s what Lauren has to say about this first single; “There are no guarantees in love… this song is about having the courage to really go for it, even though you don’t know how any new relationship will turn out.”

Having lived in so many places as a child from South Africa to Poland and then the UK, these different cultures and experiences have found their way easily into Lauren’s songwriting with tracks about love, friendship and life losing. After spending years performing and writing in her spare time, building up a fanbase in London, LA and Nashville, she finally got the chance to start recording her album in Nashville in April last year.

Her very first single ‘Come To Me’ was released in October last year which featured on her debut EP and since then she’s gained critical acclaim aplenty and airplay on a number of radio stations. It seems like Lauren has all the pieces in place to make her first full length a success on it’s release so you’d better keep an eye out for this one.

To find out more about Lauren Ray visit her website, her Facebook page, her Soundcloud page or you can follow her on Twitter – @laurenraymusic


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