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Today, I have some new music for you from modern day composer Tom James Parmiter. Throughout his instrumental tracks, he uses piano and synthesised sounds to produce some truly stunning pieces. You can check out the brand new track ‘Ganymede’ below:

The track taken from his new album ‘Imperfect Symmetry’ is so grand and epic in its delivery that you would almost mistake it from a film soundtrack. The enigmatic sounds give it an almost tech-noir vibe which is inticing and stunning to listen to. Oscillating piano brings us into this one and perfectly builds up to the drawn out electronic sounds that follow with their fuzzy, rock tinged edges. Almost proggy and space-age in its execution the music on this one is interesting, stunning and truly unique. I’m not usually a fan of instrumental music but Parmiter has me sold on his exciting and brilliant take on the mix of piano and electronic music.

Growing up in London, Tom was surrounded by music from childhood with accomplished musicians for parents. Taking up drums aged 17, he soon moved onto experimenting with keyboards and electronic music before securing a record deal with Zube in 2011. After gaining great reviews and airplay straight away with debut album ‘Providence’, he was already off to a good start. It was his 2014 follow up ‘Imperfect Symmetry’ that really saw attention grow around him though with favourable reviews and recognition from AIM Independent Music Awards.

Taking influences from the likes of Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Genesis, Mogwai and John Barry, it is clear to see he has an eclectic taste something that is ever present throughout his own music. The man with the interesting sound is set to release a new EP soon though the release date is still to be confirmed but I think it is safe to say that it will be another good one.

To find out more about Tom James Parmiter visit his website, his Bandcamp page or you can follow him on Twitter – @TJParmiterMusic

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