This Week #1

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Raspberry Polenta Cake from Homemade by Thelma’s / A much needed Veggie Sausage Sandwich and Chips from The Broadfield / The brilliant Alley Cafe in Nottingham / Finally reached my goal of completing 2000 minutes on my Nike Training App / My current favourites – Drenge album, A Game of Thrones book & Cats phone case from Iconemesis

As I seek to improve my blog and make things easier, for myself in terms of writing and collating and for you in terms of the way you read and engage with my blog, then I have decided to scrap the monthly round up posts and opt for the weekly round up instead. A monthly round up is way to bulky a post, too long to read, the big in terms of photos to load and therefore I think it would be better to do little weekly round up’s instead. Some weeks they may be packed with things and some weeks there may only be a couple of things on here but I think it will be a better representation of my life, what I’m up to, what I’m loving and what I want to share with you and again it will make my content all the more relevant and up to date.

So in my first weekly round up post I’ve actually made it a round up of the last two weeks as I needed time to properly implement this and plan out my ideas but from now on it will be a weekly occurance. I’ll be sharing photos, music and links that I am loving as well as a little bit of chat and catch up because I think I sometimes neglect the personal side of things on here and I think up to a certain point that needs to change.

So the last two weeks have been quite busy, doing lots of jobs around the house and in the garden, time spent with the good people in my life, a night in Nottingham babysitting my boyfriend’s nephews and finishing plenty of projects and blog things that have been piling up. I’ve finally finished my travel scrapbook and I’m pretty proud of it, I may not be a scrapbook aficionado like some out there but I love what I’ve done and that is all that matters as it gives me a visual reminder of all the awesome times I’ve had abroad.

Currently, I’m getting ready for a busy summer full of some awesome things that I have planned and I can’t wait to just enjoy some time to myself, spending more time outdoors and again with friends, family and my boyfriend, the people who I care about most in the world and who I want to spend more time with. A lot of the plans revolve around music which is obviously another great thing for me and I can’t wait to spend the summer exploring a couple of festivals and digging through the depths of the music world to find some more great new music all of which I can share with you guys.

I think I’ll leave this here for now, my short round up has become a long almost essay, oops. Until next week, when hopefully I will have perfected the art of short snippets of info, I’ll leave you with some awesome new music and some great links.

Listening to:

There’s A Girl In The Corner – Robert Smith

Holding On – Julio Bashmore ft. Sam Dew

Disclosure ft. Gregory Porter – Holding On

In case you missed them, here are the last two tracks of the week posts:
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What I’ve been Reading:

– A great post on finding your way when you feel lost by From Roses. Something I’ve been feeling myself lately and this helped me put things in perspective a little.
– Another wonderful post from Zoe London all about some ways to be your own best friend.
– A great vegan Banana Bread recipe that I found via Pinterest and is something I plan on trying out for myself very soon.

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