new music: The Reveurs

Manchester four piece The Reveurs have had a pretty packed year so far releasing an EP, featuring on a mixtape of the best new music Manchester has to offer and playing lots of shows and though the year may be ending soon, the guys show no signs of slowing down. Back when I interviewed in February they talked about lots more to come from their camp over 2014 and they weren’t wrong with two upcoming releases in the form of two brand new tracks, ‘Control’ and ‘Saint Marie’, to come over the next week or so.

The A Side ‘Control’ hits you from the off with quick riffs, fast drums and cymbal crashes before slowing down for more melody heavy verses where vocals are the main feature harmonising beautifully on top of softer guitar sounds. The switch from flowing notes in the calmer verses to heavier sounds bookending each verse is a big juxtaposition which is taken further with shouted vocals and pounding drums playing us out for the last third of this one.

Whereas ‘Saint Marie’ is a more melodic number from the off with a strong bass line playing us in before guitar hooks and a more upbeat vocal tone comes in. The verses though quite steady throughout are the perfect build up into the huge mammoth choruses where vocals hit their peak and musically, the guitar reverberates around the strong drum beats and that very prominent bass line which remains the grounding feature throughout this whole track.

Both tracks are very strong pieces of work and though completely different they both showcase the band’s talents well. These releases will surely see the band gain more attention online and in the live scene as they would both be great to be heard in a club. With tracks like this The Reveurs will be going from strength to strength and really making sure that 2014 has been a very good year for them indeed.

To find out more about The Reveurs visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @TheReveursUK

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