Style/Career Inspiration – Edith Bowman.

I’ve blogged a lot about people who are style inspirations for me but in this post I’m not only blogging about someone who’s style I admire but who inspires me career wise.

I’ll start with the fashion first, Edith always looks so well dressed and in fashion but yet does her own thing which is something I always admire about people when they don’t follow the crowd. Her style is pretty much everything I love about fashion at the moment, the more indie side of fashion with shirts, blazers, tailored trousers, tea dresses etc. She wears what suits her but she’s also not afraid to wear something others wouldn’t. Plus, her hair and make up always look so amazing, I didn’t actually realise until today how much my hair looks like hers except for my purple fringe obviously.

When it comes to careers, Edith Bowman has the best in the business in my opinion. I’ll tell you all right now that I would love her job, it is my absolute dream job! She writes for Clash magazine, works on Radio 1 and presents BBC3 coverage of the festivals [among many other things], this is exactly what I want to do. I’d love my to write for a magazine and to have my own radio show and present the festival coverage. I used to listen to her show every afternoon on Radio 1 when she did weekday afternoons and she really inspired me to want to be a radio DJ. To write for a magazine is something I’ve always wanted but I just love her writing and outlook on music, I’ve found out about a lot of new bands because of her radio show especially. As for the festival coverage, nothing would be better for me than spending my entire summer travelling round the festivals watching and interviewing all the bands. Everything here that she has I look at as something to work towards so that one day I feel that I could achieve my dream career. It might not happen but everybody needs someone to look up to in terms of their work and Edith is that person for me.

So thanks Edith for being a truly inspirational person to me.

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Picture 2
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