Live Review: McFly at City Hall, Sheffield. 9th March 2012.

City Hall, Sheffield.
9th March 2012, 7pm.

Tonight, Britain’s biggest and favourite boy band, McFly, are in Sheffield and the atmosphere can only be described as full of excitement for their performance at the City Hall. As the band take to the stage, a roar of screams goes up and they launch straight into ‘Nowhere Left To Run’, as soon as the song finishes the band are ushered of stage quickly and everyone is told to leave the building as the fire alarm has gone off. Twenty minutes later and after much confusion all the fans are back in the building and McFly are back onstage to carry on their 21 song long set. ‘One For The Radio’ takes the energy levels back up after an unexpected and impromptu interruption to the set. Crowd pleasers ‘Star Girl’, ‘Lies’, ‘Obviously’ and ‘Five Colours In Her Hair’ are all to be found on tonight’s set and expectedly they go down well with everyone in the room. However, there is a treat for everyone tonight as the band have dived into their 5 album back catalogue to pull out songs that have not been aired onstage for a few years. Songs such as ‘Broccoli’, ‘I Wanna Hold You’ and ‘She Falls Asleep’ are all greeted with a brilliant reception leaving you wishing they would play these songs all the time as well as all the other setlist regulars. The band showcase a few brand new songs tonight in the form of ‘Red’ and ‘Touch The Rain’, both songs sounding absolutely brilliant live and if this is an indication of the sound of the next album then it will be a good one. As usual the four piece include a cover in their set and towards the end of the set the band perform a 5 song medley of ‘Living On A Prayer’, ‘We Found Love’, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, ‘ Somebody I Used To Know’ and ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. After a slight break, lead singer and guitarist Danny Jones returns to the stage for their encore, he performs a beautiful acoustic version of ‘Walk In The Sun’ which causes a massive sing along. The rest of the band join him for the final song of the night ‘Shine A Light’ from the last album ‘Above The Noise’ creating a last burst of energy with the crowd dancing and singing along and with that the band leave the stage to a deafening levels of screams and cheers. Whatever anybody has to say about McFly, after performances like tonight’s you can’t take away from them the fact that they are a brilliant live band.

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