LFW – Day 2

Day 2 of LFW, I’ve been following this fashion week a lot more than even I normally do. There has been some brilliant shows and amazing designs so far. Here is a show from today from one of my favourite designers and a show from yesterday I didn’t blog about before.


I love how minimalist and simple the clothes are. It is quite refreshing to see such simplicity in fashion, this is something I would love to be able to embody myself but my love of crazy clothes always seems to take over. The strike of colour with the green is so much more effective on the simple colour palette too.

House of Holland
I love Henry Holland’s clothes, I always have. He is one designer that has always done something to draw in my interest and even though this is a more grown up collection it still appeals to me massively. The dogtooth print is used on lots of pieces, and the oversized print looks great. There was some brilliant tailoring on show in this collection too, particularly with the coats, although I wasn’t really a fan of the fur sleeves but that’s more my own personal preference.

PPQ images from A Stylists Notes tumblr

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