This Week #36

Last weekend was great! An absolutely lovely way to spend Record Store Day over at The Bath Hotel, buying some records, checking out Tom J Newell's DJ set, drinking some lovely beer and enjoying the lovely company from regulars to newcomers alike. You can find out more about the day in this post and know that [...]

music update #22

First up this week, let's start with the campaign to get 'Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead' into the charts after death of Margaret Thatcher. Due to the mighty power of the internet like most other song campaigns it has worked with the song charting at number 2. Although, there has been a lot of [...]

back from rome.

Hello everyone,I'm back from Rome and a ridiculously busy week ever since landing back in chilly England. I've already blogged about my holiday/birthday/presents but I thought I'd do a little catch up of the last week before I go back to uni for just 3 more weeks! A little bit mental how fast this last [...]