vintage fair buys

Jewellery: Vinyl Ring - £4, Black Stone Ring - £5, Necklace - £10Record - £5Tartan Skirt - £8So a couple of weeks ago one of the much loved and extremely successful vintage fairs came to visit my fair city of Sheffield again this year. Having grown from here to taking place almost every single weekend [...]

summer casual.

summer casual by lottie7785 featuring a cotton shirtI'm sure I'm not the only person that is more than fed up of the snow and cold weather now, it's nearly April and we are still all in our jumpers and winter coats. The only thing to make you forget about the cold is dreaming of summer [...]

new pieces.

As I should be moving house at some point this year [hopefully sooner rather than later] it's given me a massive opportunity to sort out everything I own from clothes to books, cd's to the ridiculous amount of vases and candle holders I've somehow accumulated over the years. I've pretty much sorted through everything now [...]