This Week #40

After a lovely weekend last weekend where I witnessed one of my friend's get married, it's been a somewhat underwhelming week that followed although I guess that is to be expected after such a great weekend. The wedding really was beautiful and lovely. There was great weather for the day and it was a day [...]

This Week #36

Last weekend was great! An absolutely lovely way to spend Record Store Day over at The Bath Hotel, buying some records, checking out Tom J Newell's DJ set, drinking some lovely beer and enjoying the lovely company from regulars to newcomers alike. You can find out more about the day in this post and know that [...]

This Week #22

A beautiful homemade spinach, brie and mushroom pie I enjoyed in a country pub over the weekend, it was delicious! / Nothing beats a good cup of tea especially when its in a cup and saucer / Sometimes the simple things are the best, like avocado toast which is my absolute favourite / Me and [...]

This Week #20

My boyfriend made me a lovely cocktail this week with Sir Robin of Locksley Gin, Lemonade, Pomegranate Seeds and Orange / The greatest boots I have ever seen arrived this week - Silver Glittery Boots from Asos / Dressing as Dr Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park for Halloween this year / A much needed and [...]