music update #27

Seen as Daft Punk are quite literally taking over the music world with a new story about them being released pretty much every day at the moment so I thought I'd round up this week's stories for you here in case you missed them. Firstly, the French duo are set to break the streaming record [...]

music update #10

One of the biggest pieces of news last week not just for the music industry but in general was HMV going into administration. I mean in a way we all saw it coming but I guess I, and a lot of other people, just didn't want to believe that this was actually going to happen. [...]

mid-week things.

T-shirt and Jeans both from Topshop, Underground Purple Creepers.I've noticed recently that Topshop has started taking over my wardrobe again as it did a couple of years ago. In terms of high street stores I really think they are one of the best around at the minute, really creating great clothes covering the majority of [...]