new music: Ghosts of Social Networks

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Manchester band, Ghosts of Social Networks, who are set to release their debut single ‘Love Potion’ on Integrity Records in just a couple of weeks time. You can check out the track for yourself below:

The track is may be the band’s very first but you wouldn’t know from the clarity and well thought out delivery of every chord and lyric from start to finish. As echoey chords reverberate around the track, the heavy hit of the drum creates a rhythm which is equal parts catchy and solid, the perfect base for this song to be built on. There is a great atmosphere to be found on this track with a hollow sound and lilting vocals that sit on top of a Stone Roses-esque guitar riff. The steady rhythm and sounds that drive this track are consistent and quite perfect in their delivery creating the kind of musical repetition that makes a track memorable. With a track as good as this as their debut, the band can’t go far wrong in attracting attention and fans to their sound.

Out on 6th May, the track can already be heard on Soundcloud and is gaining great reviews from many critics with Ringmaster Review having this to say about the track; “…a mystique soaked romancing of ears and imagination within a tempest of emotion and instinctive adventure from a band already suggesting they are going places.”

With dark lyrical content, unrequited love and alcohol use on ‘Love Potion’ and celebrity culture imitators on double A side ‘Mockingbirds’, you might be forgiven for assuming these tracks are going to be a little on the depressing side but the radio friendly sounds and the Manchester vibe seep through brilliantly.

With the track out soon, on 6th May, it is worth watching these guys for more great and interesting things to come.

To find out more about Ghosts of Social Networks visit the Facebook page, or follow on Twitter – @GOSNmusic

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