EP Review: Story – Hopeless But Hoping

Story ArtworkStory

Hopeless But Hoping

Release Date: 4th March 2016

Sheffield five piece Story are set to release their second EP ‘Hopeless But Hoping’ at the beginning of March this year and it should be a great coming together of their musical influences in 6 tracks. The likes of Young Guns, Architects and Mallory Knox have influenced these guys over the years, so expect a mix of pop, rock, metal and post hardcore all in one handy musical package.

First single and opening track ‘Article 10’ brings us into the this EP with soft building guitar notes dancing around your ears until chugging riffs and pounding drums arrive as a wave of noise. Vocally, we have a mix of harmony driven, soaring notes in the verses which would be suit the likes of Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco brilliantly but in the choruses, a load of rock and roll grit and screaming anger comes to the fore. The mix of heavy hardcore and melodic moments makes for a track which packs a punch but that is also catchy as hell.

The muffled edges of grungy, scuzzy guitar starts off ‘Push Me Away’ before hard hit drums and plenty of crashing cymbals are added to those now chaotic riffs. Things calm for the verses as flowing notes carry the track and provide a great basis for the vocals. Those choruses are fast paced, heavy and frantic, providing the perfect opportunity for some fun from any crowd these guys play this one to in the future.

Crashing in with pounding drums and chaotic cymbal hits, ‘Community’ is a full on metal track from the first notes to the last. The heaviness of the music, the authority in the screaming vocals and the deference in which everything is delivered makes this one very difficult to ignore. The catchy melodies that run throughout create a memorable track that will see you humming along to this days after listening to it.

‘Letting Go’ is a much calmer affair with rising and falling guitar strums sitting perfectly against harmonising vocals before muffled vocal screams are added to the background of the song trying to break into the fore but never quite getting there. Building and building through quickening tempos and urgent vocals that culminate in those screams finally breaking through along with tumultuous guitar lines that crisscross and weave around your ears until the end of track breakdown where everything finishes just as calmly as it started.

Title track ‘Hopeless But Hoping’ opens with distant, fuzzy guitar riffs that build until drums crash in and really kick this one off properly. It’s a heavy, metal influenced track with big frantic riffs, pounding drums and screaming vocals all a prominent feature. Big breakdowns and huge build up’s really do make for a track that remains as turbulent as its guitar lines.

Closer ‘Carry Me Home’ may open quickly and loudly but when the first verse comes in things soon change as tempo slows, volume quietens and vocals are softer. However that soon changes with choruses full of cymbal clatters, the whack of the drums and big riffs that echo all around the track. It’s another big song that ends the EP very well.

Check out the video for their single ‘Article 10’ below:

To find out more about Story visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @STORYOFFICIALUK

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