EP Review: Day Old Hate – First Light

First Light Artwork

Day Old Hate

First Light

Release Date: 12th February 2016

Leeds alt-rockers Day Old Hate are set to release their second EP ‘First Light’ soon in mid-February. After a good reaction to their first EP, the band are back and ready to conquer the UK alternative scene with this new release and the plans for plenty of live dates. With influences coming from the likes of Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis and Young Guns, their huge tracks with a great rock edge and harmonious feel are bound to capture the imagination of many.

We kick straight with ‘Don’t Chase Me’ and it’s immediate wall of noise from pounding drums, crashing cymbals and guitar riffs galore. Things calm significantly for verses with drawn out guitar strums and padding drums replacing the heaviness. Harmonious and strong in their delivery, the vocals hold their own throughout creating a great basis for the song. This is a brilliant opening track that really pulls you into the EP and makes you want to hear more from these guys.

It’s a much calmer opening for ‘Fifteen’ with a rising and falling guitar line set against the calm hit of the drum. The choruses are brilliantly heavy yet melodic with huge, shrieking guitars and heavy hit hi-hats sitting on top of deep bass lines, thumping beats and shouting vocals. The middle eight build up is truly great in it’s mix of anticipation and suspense and when it crashes into the final chorus, the music is as perfectly chaotic as you would expect.

Scuzzy, echoing guitars open single and title track ‘First Light’ before commanding percussion is added creating a huge and heavy feel. Lyrically, this track is quite dark, matching the mood of the music, with sad and angry vocals delivered with authority. The melodies in the verses give a welcome rest bite from the all consuming might of the music so prominent here but nonetheless this is a great track and an obvious choice for a single.

With a huge opening, ‘Minutes – Hours – Days’ instantly grabs you into its screeching high notes and riffing melodies. It has that big rock and roll anthem feel throughout with pounding drum beats, crashing cymbals and vocals that strain with desperation and flow with harmony. The huge choruses are guaranteed to get you moving whether you are listening to this at one of their shows or in your bedroom on your own.

Thrashed out drums and bashed out cymbal hits start ‘Secrets’ with a bang before subsiding slightly to make way for the flowing melodies of the verses. The vocals are loaded with emotion which just makes them even more special to listen to here. Chugging guitars back up those vocals in the verses while intricate chords thread their way throughout the heaviness of the chorus adding that something special. An excellent way to end this impressive follow up EP.

Check out the first single ‘First Light’ taken from the EP of the same name below:

To find out more about Day Old Hate visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @dayoldhateband

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