EP Review: Better Than Never – Homemade Heroes

BTN Homemade Hero ArtworkBetter Than Never

Homemade Heroes

Release Date: 19th February 2016

Oxford pop-punk sextet Better Than Never are set to release their new EP ‘Homemade Heroes’ on 19th February and with it, they are set to make their mark on the UK’s pop punk scene. After crafting a good set of tracks, the guys hit the studio last year to record the best four songs or so they thought before realising that they didn’t love those ones all that much. Over time, they came up with some material they liked and produced the four tracks which have made up this EP.

With a slow opening, we soon change tack to quick guitar chords and pounding drum rhythms that feature throughout the choruses of ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees, Bones’ alongside harmonising dual vocals. These vocals run alongside yet stand out completely from the melodies created by the music. There is a softer breakdown towards the end where calmer vocals are set against a chugging guitar line and this is for me the simplest yet best part of the track, and it is these tentative notes which play us out of this one.

Single ‘Back of the Line Kid’ is an attitude laden, catchy melody driven track from the very first chords to the very last. Chugging guitars and stunted drum hits make for an almost start stop opening chorus which remains just as infectious as those verses, while emotion laden vocals are delivered with sadness, anger and contempt and will see them resonating with many listeners. A great track and a good choice for the first single from this EP.

Fast guitar lines, great melodies and pounding drums bring us into ‘Panama’ before calmer verses where guitar notes trundle along, just about keeping the tempo on the quicker side. Vocally, we have a very confident delivery from harmonious high notes in the choruses to a more lilting, almost spoken vibe within verses. The energetic tempo, the final chorus build up and the gang vocals that command the final third of the track all confirm that this is bound to succeed live.

Final track ‘Dead Weight’ is a calmer and much more melody driven affair with building guitar lines, steady drums and a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s another emotional storytelling affair with the lyrics here giving it a more personable and relatable edge, as you get an insight into the lives of the band. It may be a more relaxed affair but this will still be a fan favourite with it’s layered vocals that just ask for you to sing along to them. A great way to end this EP.

Check out the new single ‘Back of the Line Kid’  taken from the EP by the band below:

To find out more about Better Than Never visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @BTN_UK

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