EP Review: Campfires – Campfires

Campfires ArtworkCampfires


Release Date: 15th January 2016

Three years after the end of former band, Autumn in Disguise, three of the members of the band decided to get back together to form this, their new act Campfires. The Aberdeen pop-punkers see the whole purpose of this band as a way to hang out, write songs and play fun shows, all of things they see as relating to sitting round a campfire activities, hence the name. The quintet have managed to create a 5 track EP full of emotive yet catchy tunes which will see them fit into the alternative scene easily whilst also retaining their unique flare.

We open with ‘Same Streets’ with its pounding drum and yo-yoing guitar making for a commanding start. The vocals have that typical American pop-punk edge where things are a little less refined than they probably should be while the guitar has a catchy, sway along feel as drums provide a steady rhythm to build upon. This is a good start to the EP with a song that has the potential to become a future band anthem when played live.

Hard hit drums are the main focus as ‘The Hardest’ opens before a strong vocal and prominent chugging guitar are added, creating a heavier pop-punk song. There is a still a great deal of melody and catchiness running throughout this though, especially in the choruses where the heaviness subsides slightly, letting the melodies really shine. This is a very accomplished track and a clear highlight of the EP.

A short build up of intermittent drum hits and short riffs are a great start to ‘Pure Gold’ before it kicks in with heavy, fast paced sounds. The deep bass line holds everything together perfectly while guitars dance and chug around thudding drums and crashing cymbals. Though it is the vocals that are the most interesting part of the track as they are fast paced delivered with urgency and almost anguish from their ragged tone.

It’s another heavy and quick tempoed delivery that calms to a more flowing first verse on ‘Like A Cancer’ which sees guitar notes flow around with their intricate little chords and drums that steadily hold things together. The vocals are quieter and have more harmony and deference to them which make them seem more sincere in their delivery of the sad storytelling lyrics. The mix of soft and loud makes for a wonderful track that is sure to become a fan favourite and ends this EP on a stunning note.

Check out the video for the single ‘Same Streets’ below:

To find out more about Campfires visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @campfiresband

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