EP Review: Highlives – Misguided Youth

Misguided Youth
Release Date: 11th Decemeber 2015

Bristolian pop punkers Highlives are set to release their new 5 track EP ‘Misguided Youth’ on 11th December and it is one hell of a great EP to check out. As the year comes to an end, there is still some great music set to come and these guys and their new release are one of those good things still to come. With lyrics that talk about how our younger years are always more misguided than we realise at the time and just how easy it is to get lost in life’s big choices, it is a great coming of age EP that focuses so much on the things everyone has had to go through at some point in their life as a confused teenager.

We kick straight in with the heavy sounds and quick tempo of ‘Wake Me Up’. Pounding drums and riffing guitars carry us up to the inclusion of vocals full of harmonies yet retaining their rock edge and gritty undertone. This is a great track to open on, really starting off with a bang and getting you excited for what is to come from these guys.

Chugging guitars and hard hit drums opens ‘Heavy Weight’ before subsiding slightly in the first verse. Making way for the vocals to take centre stage and creating a more relaxed approach to proceedings. Choruses are loud, catchy and fast as vocals mirror rhythms delivery wise creating a truly riotous pop punk track.

It’s a much calmer opening from the off on ‘Twenty-Two’ with a consistent strummed guitar building up to a solid melody for the vocals to sit on. Those vocals are softer and more harmonious, ebbing and flowing along with the guitar wonderfully. A steady drum is added to this somewhat emotional track where lyrics speak of hard times and difficult choices. Everything kicks in when it comes to the chorus where the tempo and volume pick up, as does the vocal delivery, creating yet another catchy, sing-along worthy chorus.

Rock and roll style riffs open ‘Walking Blind’ alongside a thumping beat giving us a completely different sound to this. The vocals found here have that American pop punk twang, and those along with the oscillating guitar sound and crashing cymbals in the choruses, creates a throwback, old school pop punk feel. This is yet another brilliant track, perfectly crafted and full of interesting musicianship and clever lyrics.

We are straight into final track ‘Better Days’ with a quick cymbal before an intermittent hard hit drum and deep, chugging guitar take the fore. The vocals are slightly shouty and exasperated in their delivery making the overall tone quite a restless and jittery one. Choruses are slightly calmer, focussing more on melodies that can be created; this in conjunction with the vocals becoming more harmonious and delivered with ease rather than deference. It is an excellent ending to this track and EP with drawn out guitar lines and a chaotic percussion section that reaches its apex before fading off into silence.

Check out single ‘Better Days’ taken from the EP below:

Better Days by Highlives

To find out more about Highlives visit their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @HighlivesMusic

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