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Last week, I published a new music piece informing you all about the new releases set to come from the Stylusboy camp over the next month or so. Today, I have an exclusive for you all with a stream of the ‘Christmas Light EP’ on my site for you all to check it out before its release next week.

The seasonal EP is one that is sure to go down an absolute treat with fans everywhere as the warming, heartfelt sounds radiate perfectly off this EP and every song found on it. The opening track was written by Steve’s daughter ‘Minnie Daughter’ and the fifth track is written with his wife Bec, there are also guest vocals from his wife and their children [the mini Styluses] throughout the EP, meaning you get a true glimpse into a wonderful family Christmas that will fill you with love and the spirit of Christmas. Folk sounds from wonderfully soft guitar playing resonate around these traditional Christmas songs, giving them a whole new lease of life.

I’ll leave it there for now as I plan on reviewing this to coincide with its official release but I hope I’ve given you a good taster of what is on offer for you to check out now above.








Both new EP’s, the Christmas EP and the Live EP, come from months of hard work in the studio and on tour. The first one will get you in the mood for Christmas perfectly with stunningly beautiful folk style tracks laden with Christmas warmth and spirit while the latter takes you stright into the heart of a Stylusboy show fully embracing the live nature and intimacy of the performance of the well crafted songs.

For those planning on buying the physical copy of the EP, you’ll get a brilliant handmade masterpiece with each and every EP being completely unique. The Christmas trees on the front of the EP have been hand cut by Steve himself from maps of the world ensuring that no two are the same.

This EP, along with the live one, will be released on Wild Sound Recordings on December 11th and will be available on all online shops and in records stores around the UK. You can also pre-order the EP now via this link but until its official release you can check out the Christmas Light EP above.

To find out more about Stylusboy visit the Facebook page or you can follow Steve on Twitter – @stylusboy

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