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You may remember a few weeks ago, I featured the wonderful Island on my blog, you can check out that EP review here. Well now the London based four piece are back with their second single taken from their upcoming debut EP.

The above track is titled ‘Girl’ and sees the band’s low-fi pop sound grow further and become even more catchy than it has been before. The start-stop nature given to us by the drums and cymbals makes for an interesting and brilliant opening to this song leaving the nonchalent vocal tone to take centre stage. When everything kicks in, we have sludgy, grunge-laden guitar lines leading us through the rhythms and harmonies that surround it. Swirling notes and plenty of atmospheric moments make for a wonderful, shoegaze inspired track full of infectious melodies guaranteed to keep you hooked.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire, these guys have all the talent and infectiousness to go far. The band’s first single ‘Stargazer’ was well received and went on to reach #7 on Spotify globally, a huge feat for any band these days. When their debut EP is released in Novemeber that will surely be the time the band pick up even more followers and see themselves grow further.

Finally for those down in London, Island will be supporting Palace at The Scala tomorrow night for what is sure to be a brilliant show. You can get tickets here, don’t miss out on this if you can.

To find out more about Island visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @islandbanduk

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