EP Review: Earl Grey – Passing Time

Earl Grey
Passing Time
Release Date: 9th October 2015

German quintet Earl Grey comprise elements of melodic hardcore and pop punk to create their own lovely blend of music. The band have already released their debut EP ‘Ready To Leave’ earlier this year and in just a matter of days they will be releasing their follow up, the much anticipated ‘Passing Time’. Overcoming the nerves of the first release and growing more as a band and people, the band are much more confident when it comes to this release and rightly so because it is a very good one.

An atmospheric buildup brings us into the EP and title track ‘Passing Time’. The band kick off with the throttle on full and the volume up loud with fast chugging guitar to pounding drums and screaming meets shouting vocals, it is an in your face affair from the off. It is clear to see from this opener that the band have managed to mix the melodies and catchiness of pop punk with the heaviness and harshness found within the hardcore scene very well making this a good if not chaotic start.

Again, we have another fast and heavy track with ‘Headstrong’. While guitar melodies dance alongside chugging bassy notes, the clatter and bang of drums and cymbals is ever present in the background. The jumpy rhythms and delivery of this track makes everything seem quite jarring while the vocals again seem shouty and at times disjointed.

As we pass the halfway mark of the EP with ‘Backstabber’, things become much more focussed on great melodies and creating more flow throughout the music. There is still the incoherent nature of jumpy guitar chords and drum beats but the vocals are slightly less aggressive making them much easier to understand and listen to. The inclusion of longer, flowing guitar notes towards the end of the song gives the more refined edge this one is looking for.

Final track ‘Haven’ starts with an echoey rock and roll guitar line, hitting its crescendo when the drums make their presence known with hard hit beats. Intricate chords on the guitar weave around drums and bass notes which remain unvarying in their delivery. There is an infectious edge to the choruses while vocals remain assertive and the prominent feature here. The longer track is a good choice for the band to end on as they play with genres, deliveries and tempos throughout before fading into silence.

Listen to the band’s lead single ‘Passing Time’ below:

To find out more about Earl Grey visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @earlgreyisaband

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