10 Things To Do Before The End of 2015

 photo IMG_2578_zpsd5703464.jpg

It’s nearing the end of 2015 and as these final months roll round I want to make sure I do something with them instead of looking back in January wondering whether I actually did anything or not. It’s been a year that has zipped by for me and I feel like I haven’t really gotten anything I wanted done in the last 9 months so my last 2/3 months are going to be more selfish in some areas by doing things I need to and want to do. There are a big array of things here and plenty different areas of my life involved and I hope to get all of these things done before the end of this very fast year ends.

1) Read at least 5 more books to complete my 2015 Reading Challenge – already halfway through the first of these books

2) Watch the Star Wars Trilogy

3) Print off photos and get my scrapbook up to date

4) Lose 3-6 pounds

5) Go to a pub quiz or two

6) Visit 3 towns or cities – already visited Bakewell since initially writing this and hitting publish, one town down, 2 to go

7) Back up files and sort out my hard drive

8) Go on a long walk at least twice

9) Update CV/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile/Online Portfolio – already updated my CV and I’m very happy with it now!

10) Have a massive clear out of my possessions and the house in general, fresh and ready for 2016 – cleared out at least 85% of my possessions so far

What do you want to do or get done before the end of 2015?

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