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Today, I bring you some new music from London residents Liskka. Named after the altered Czech word ‘Liska’ meaning fox, these guys say that they are all about taking something common from their surroundings and mixing it with their cultural heritage. You can check out the product of that band mantra below in the form of ‘Cold’, one of the tracks from their debut EP:

The track above is the first one I heard from the band and instantly grabbed me in with its euphoric sounds from the soaring vocal notes, amalgamating drum beats and shimmering synth notes. There is so much going on throughout this track that it is difficult to pick out every sound and every instrument on even just a few listens making it one of those tracks where you discover something new every time you listen to it. The stuttered vocals work perfectly against the flowing vocal harmonies and short, sharp electronic sounds. It is a great track and a very interesting listen.

Having a sound that is difficult to pinpoint, as many have described them as many different things, comes from their obsessions with a variety of genres from world music to euphoric doom metal. It also comes from their use of live sounds that mixes the organic, acoustic sides and the more electronic through synths and guitar lines.

The self-titled debut EP comes after months of work and is a great first stepping stone for the band to get their name out there to as many people as possible. It is an EP worth your time and attention and should see the band reach many new audiences.

To find out more about Liskka visit their website, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @LiskkaMusic

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