EP Review: Island – Girl









source: Christian Cargill

Release Date: November 2015

Beatnik Creative latest signing has been described as the next wave of offbeat alternative indie and whether that description is true or not can only be answered by the band themselves. Island are that band are they have recently released their debut single ‘Stargazer’ to be followed up in November by their debut EP ‘Girl’. Oxford pals turned band buddies started playing shows earlier this year before recording their debut and being picked as the next act to be championed by Beatnik, putting them in good company.

All I can say is that their EP is a great showcase and stepping stone for the quartet who look set to have a busy Autumn and Winter after the initial release of these tracks which are well executed in their evolution throughout the course of the body of work.

The EP opens with single ‘Stargazer’ as oscillating guitar chords reverberate around your ears until echoey vocals come in adding to the atmospheric feel. Softly padded drums punctuate that guitar wonderfully. Reaching the halfway point, a screeching rock and roll guitar takes the fore, paving the way for squally vocals full of emotion.

It is a very good first track which is followed by title track ‘Girl’. It’s deep, grungy sounds and hard hit beats open this alongside a commanding vocal giving a totally different vibe from the last. Through the verses, the vocals retain the harsh edge but are laced with harmony while the drums find their rhythm and guitar notes rise and fall before becoming a great indie rock riff.

It is a softer start to ‘I’ve Been Searching’ with repetition of shimmery guitar notes, soft mini beats and harmonious vocals. When it comes to the chorus, everything is taken up a notch, the vocals have a more assertive delivery, the guitar ebbs and flows with high pitched notes and drums quicken along with a clatter of cymbals. This is another great track full of rhythms and melodies that hook you in from the off.

Final track of the EP, ‘Nighttime Written Blues’, has quiet beginnings as an occasional spherical sounding note drops in and out placing itself between soft vocals. A soaring guitar line comes in creating the perfect barrier between that stark beginning and the beautiful sounds that follow. Sounds such as strummed guitars which dance around muted drums and those vocals. In the chorus, things really pick up with quick, intense riffs and pounding drums creating a dramatic edge, delivering lyrics to us perfectly. A really stunning track to play us out on.

Check out ‘Stargazer’, their debut single taken from the EP, below:

To find out more about Island visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @islandbanduk

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