This Week #12

There is nothing better than leftover pizza and salad for tea / Currently Reading: A Storm of Swords Part 1 by George R R Martin

Bank holidays I always find to be a little wierd, they completely throw me out of balance for a good week or so after as my mind just can not catch up with the extra day of the weekend and the one day less of the working week. For me, it feels like we have the longest Sunday ever known, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just confusing as hell for me. Regardless I had a weekend of two halves. A great Saturday catching up with my friends, eating pizza, drinking coffee and chatting a lot. I also finally met my friend’s baby daughter which was great, she’s super cute and just amazing. It was a really good Saturday and the type of day I was I could have more often, spending time talking about anything and everything with the girls I have been friends with for such a long time now.

The rest of the week has been filled with appointments, trips into town and chores and writing galore. Running two blogs is a lot more difficult than I thought and though my main aim is to publish on my other site only once a week at the moment, it can be hard to fit in a couple of hours in the week to write, edit and schedule an article on there around everything else I have to do. Septemeber is a time where I reassess a lot and it gives me renewed focus and energy in every aspect of my life. I think it is the start of Autumn and the old back to school rituals that start that off. But it has given me more motivation to get stuff done, to make this blog and my other one a success, to get all the jobs that I’ve needed done for weeks and months done and to focus more time on myself and my health. I’m hoping to make these next four months until Christmas the most mindful, successful and focussed yet.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Foals – Alabaster

Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best

In case you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #114

What I’ve Been Reading:

Some reasons not to be sad that September and therefore Autumn is here already by Jean Hannah Edelstein on The Pool. I completely agree with so many of these which is exactly why Autumn is my favourite time of year.
– A great and thought-provoking piece by Lauren Laverne on The Pool this week, all about stopping counting and measuring everything in life and just enjoying what we have. This is something I’m particularly guilty and something I really do need to banish from every aspect of my life.

A great article on The Pool discussing the current discussion around rape and female consent. It is a subject that I’m extremely passionate about, as I believe all women are, and this offers some thought-provoking words throughout.

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