This Week #11

My new website, Held-Stykki, lauched this week / Awesome bunless falafel burger plate from Giraffe at the weekend / Baked some cookies just in time for Bake Off on Wednesday evening

After a busy weekend, running errands, doing jobs and fitting in a quick shopping trip to Meadowhall, it has been straight back into it again this week. There isn’t really anything interesting to report from me really, it has been a case of balancing home life with working on this blog and my new blog. It’s a challenge but one I relish, as let’s face it I do like to have a lot on my plate all at once.

Speaking of this new blog, you can find it here! The new site is named Held-Stykki which is Icelandic for thinkpiece. It was a name me and my boyfriend came up with together as I wanted something centered around the word thinkpiece and he took it upon himself to see what that word was in other languages with Icelandic seeming the best of the lot for me.
The site itself is a collation of my past works to date, the longer pieces which I’ve had published elsewhere. I have an online portfolio but it is space limited so I can only showcase a few pieces at a time. Here I can published everything I’ve written in the past all in one place and add newer pieces to it as and when I like. I’ve been writing a lot more pieces that I feel don’t have a place on other sites I write for and they don’t fit here so I’ve built up a collection of articles and ideas that need to be released into the world. This new site is my way of doing that so not only do I have a publication place for longer pieces focusing on politics, feminism and the like which don’t belong on here but I also have a much more extensive online portfolio of my work. Check out Held-Stykki and let me know what you think.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Paul Smith – Break Me Down

Cut Ribbons – We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn

Moose Blood – Cherry

In case you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #113

You can also check out this month’s playlist on my Spotify account.

What I’ve Been Reading:

This post by From Roses on the joy of a good to-do list. Something I absolutely resonate with as I am a little obsessed with to do lists and writing everything I need to do down.

A thought provoking piece all about worrying written by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett on The Pool. This article is something that truly resonates with me, as someone who has spent the majority of their life worrying to the point where it does affect my life. A great piece for any other worriers out there who are convinced, like myself, that they are the only person in the world to worry as much as they do.

Another great piece on The Pool by Hannah Jane Parkinson about the housing crisis and how people of my generation and the generation above and below me have become a generation of renters stuck in an awful, horrible cycle.

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