EP Review: Sincere Deceivers – Autumnal Dreams

Sincere Deceivers
Autumnal Dreams
Release Date: 7th August 2015

London based trio Sincere Deceivers recently released their new EP ‘Autumnal Dreams’ at the stunning St Pancras Old Church to a hushed crowd giving this latest release from them the perfect beginnings. The guys who hail from Yorkshire developed a folk sound which accompanies the fondness for storytelling that the band have. After getting together in 2013 and releasing their first EP, the three piece have been playing shows constantly as well as squeezing in time to record this, their next chapter.

We open with the title track ‘Autumnal Dreams’ and it’s gentle, flowing guitar chords that open this. As the music progresses, vocals are added, they have a great quality to them where they are almost spoken with lilting chords adding harmony to a voice which has a particular Northern edge. Remaining calming throughout, the tempo does pick up slightly towards the end as vocals become more desperate and sounds mingle and merge together wonderfully.

Soft guitar strums open ‘For Himself’ while deeper, spherical sounds punctuate the consistent melody before strong vocals come in commanding the listener into paying full attention to them. Beautiful, drawn out violins resonate in the background giving an ethereal feel that truly makes for a stunning listen. As we reach the end, louder, spoken vocal mixes with the harmonious voice, creating a perfect juxtaposition adding to the awe you feel when listening to this.

Calming sounds start ‘Don’t Mistake Me’ whose tempo is slightly quicker here as guitars pick up when gorgeous yet poignant violins come in, taking centre stage and rightfully so. Again, lyrics are packed full of stories told wonderfully, giving beauty to even the saddest of stories as the vocals toe the line between flowing along with the melodies and playing to their own tune. That mix is great giving the lyrics extra importance, standing out and gaining the listener’s attention however they also compliment, giving equal precedence to the music. A great track to end this short EP on.

Check out the video of a live version of ‘For Himself’ performed at Oak Sessions below:

To find out more about Sincere Deceivers visit the website, the Facebook page, the Soundcloud page or you can follow the Twitter – @sincere_d

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