new music: Officer

Meet Officer aka DC Logan, hailing from Glasgow, this music maker has had a pretty interesting story to date. His recently released album ‘Myriads’ was made possible by the loyal and great fan base this guy has. After gigging for a long time in the UK and Germany, his fans and friends one day surprised him as they had together managed to crowd source the money for him to make an album of the music they all so loved. One of the tracks taken from that album is ‘Laughing Rafters’ which you can see the video for below:

The single is nothing short of a beautiful piece of music. The soft sounds dance perfectly throughout the entire track as softly hit drums and intricate melodies merge together. The vocals are packed full of harmony and really take pride of place throughout and so they should with their great delivery of the storytelling vocals. The choruses see things pick up slightly in terms of volume but still the tempo is subdued making this one a wonderfully subtle piece.

The above track follows on from the successful first single ‘The Waters’ which received widespread support from the likes of 6Music, Shell Zenner, Tom Robinson and Topshop. In terms of the album, which was described by Ringmaster as “harrowing, and emotionally imposing”, the making of it took Officer to a whole new place. He still wanted to capture the sound he can create from a live acoustic show and I think from what I’ve heard so far he managed that.

Currently, his plans are for a full band tour in the autumn but up until then you can catch him in smaller venues playing his solo acoustic show and reliving his life pre-album.

To find out more about Officer visit his website, his Facebook page, his Bandcamp page, his Soundcloud page or you can follow him on Twitter – @thedaydreamclub

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