tracks of the week #111

Roisin Murphy – Evil Eyes

A brilliant track by a great artist that yet again I discovered through 6Music. I’ve heard quite a lot of Murphy’s stuff now through the radio station and I love it all so I thought it was more than about time to feature some of it on here. This is the latest single and as I said before it is brilliant, probably my favourite track of her’s so far. If you are yet to check out Roisin Murphy, then go and do it now!

The Futureheads – Decent Days and Nights

I’m pretty sure anyone that was a teenager or twenty something in the UK in the mid to late-00’s has listened to The Futureheads and loved at least one of their tracks. I know I did, these guys were great and though they haven’t released an album since 2012, they are still an act I love listening to every now and again. One of their most popular tracks, this one showcases the band at their catchy indie-pop best and whether you’ve heard this before or not I urge you to give it a listen right now.

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