EP Review: Afterwards – Rage

Release Date: May 2015

Italian quartet Afterwards have recently released their second EP ‘Rage’ following up the success of their debut 7 track EP ’12/12′ which was released back in 2013. Since then the band, whose influences include the likes of Foals and Peace, have been working on this latest EP and playing gigs in their local area. The guys released this EP back in May but immediately had to put everything on hold for their exams, but now summer has rolled around they are back and ready to go with a mini tour in the South of Italy booked as well as looking for a label.

It is a quiet build up into opening track ‘Abigayle’ and you can already hear the nod to Foals with the shimmering, echoey guitar sound used here. Though just because they take influence from their musical loves doesn’t mean that this song isn’t entirely their own. With heavier, rhythm focused choruses becoming the focal point where fast guitars propel us through alongside pounding drums and a big vocal sound. The vocals hold the most interest for me; being mostly lethargic in delivery yet somehow still maintaining a little bit of the Italian edge to them as well.

An atmosphere laden opening brings us into ‘Gloom’ where softer sounds echo around the edges while guitar chords tinkle over the top, creating melody in sparseness. Like the last track, this is a very accomplished piece as melodies flow, the rhythm toes the line between calming and danceable and the vocals play with harmony. The final minute is where the band really lets loose showcasing their talent as they do away with the vocals and just playing; guitar lines soar and drum beats take over with their hard hit patterns.

Instantly you can tell ‘Something New’ is the polar opposite on the musical spectrum to the last track. More upbeat with infectious melodies, synth notes which add an 80’s pop feel and vocals that flow with everything else adding to the happy vibe. This is a great summer tune and while it obviously takes a lot from pop music in terms of catchiness, it still remains alternative indie rock at its heart with warped guitar chords and a strong drum beat featuring heavily.

Hollow sounding guitar create a fast and uptempo rhythm from the off on ‘The Unattainable’ making this another poppy number. Although, this one is slightly more subdued in its delivery and where the last one made you want to dance, this one makes you want to sway while you drift off into a pretty lovely sounding world these guys have created here. Though it is in the choruses where a heavier side is created with crashing drums and cymbals, shouted vocals and intricately yet quickly played guitars. Another great song that plays us out of this short EP.

Check out ‘Gloom’ taken from the EP below:

To find out more about Afterwards visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @afterwardsband

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