tracks of the week #107

The War On Drugs – Red Eyes

After seeing these guys last week, I haven’t been able to stop listening to them even more than normal. I absolutely adore The War on Drugs and I really think I could listen to their latest album ‘Lost In The Dream’ on repeat for many days, months, years to come. This particular track is one of my favourites of their’s, the building melodies and drum beats gives the track a feel of travelling along with you. It’s a great track to listen to on a bus or train journey I’ve found. It just seems like such an urgent yet beautiful track that I really think it could be one of my favourite ever songs, it is nothing short of stunning.

Caribou – Our Love

I’m a massive fan of Caribou, in my eyes at the moment they are one of the best producers of dance music with an alternative edge. I love everything about their sound, the catchiness of it, the beats, the melodies and let’s not even mention how bloody amazing they look live, after catching some of their Glastonbury set on TV I’ve made it my mission to see them ASAP. If you are get to check out the brilliant Caribou, do it and do it now!

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