EP Review: Coates – Vol. 1

Vol. 1
Release Date: 14th August 2015

A few months ago, I featured London singer/songwriter Coates on here via a new music post, his simple yet intricate tracks with clever lyrics made for a great listen and impressed me instantly. Now he is back with his first EP entitled ‘Vol. 1’ which should be yet another excellent batch of tracks from this guy.

Starting off with twanging guitar strings that build us into ‘Talk of the Town’ before the deep and drawn out vocals fire up the first verse. As the song progresses into the chorus, more melody is added to the guitar giving them fullness through layered mini riffs while the vocals become more harmonious than before, flowing perfectly alongside that guitar. There’s plenty of rhythm here too from the drums, making this the perfect one to find yourself tapping your foot along to.

‘Grin and Tonic’ is all catchy indie meets folk afflictions meets great pop song. Lyrically, this one tells a story about a girl who is wanting to escape the town and life she has. Guitar chords intertwine with vocals that feature good harmonies and soaring high notes. This is a really great track, bound to get this guy heard with it’s memorable sound.

‘Throw Me Down’ seems to have a more country/folky feel from the off with harmonica notes thrown across a steady yet fast guitar. As the harmonica disappears, it is replaced by a harmonious vocal delivered swiftly and with a hint of authority. The mix of calm verses that’ll see you swaying along and quicker choruses with catchy melodies and brass instruments is pretty great, making this a real highlight of the EP.

An indie meets rock and roll vibe opens ‘Hold My Tongue’ with quick, short strums on the acoustic, shimmering cymbals and steady drum beats. The vocals yet again tell a great story with descriptive and thought provoking lyrics, all delivered wonderfully whilst matching the ebb and flow of the music. It is a great track to end on with its infectious nature that is sure to be a hit when played live as well as on record.

A great and utterly superb four track release from this guy which should see him well and it will be exciting to see where he goes next from this too.

To find out more about Coates visit the website, his Facebook page or you can follow him on Twitter – @coatesofficial


EP Cover, source – falconcityrecords.com

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