new music: Hora Douse

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Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Manchester based punk rockers Hora Douse. The trio play a distinct brand of heavy, moody and emo-influenced music giving you a sound that you can really emerse yourself in. You can check the single ‘Crash’ taken from the EP of the same name below:

Crash EP by Hora Douse

The track is a punk influenced one from the off with fast and loud guitars, a quick drum beat and plenty of melodies weaved throughout the crashing and heavy sounds found here. The vocals are a mix of shouty and melodic which I think works really well for this track and the genre in general. After a fast and pounding middle eight, things calm down again slightly for a final chorus which plays us out perfectly.

The band physically release their new EP ‘Crash’ on the 13th and is only limited to 31 cassette tapes and an already sold out run of homemade CD’s. The tapes include a free digital download and an exclusive bonus track, alongside that the tracks will also be available via all the usual digital outlets and they have been since last October. When they were initially released they were met with brilliant reviews online which prompted the band to release the EP again physically this time.

After such a great release with three great, in your face tracks; the band are now embarking on the first ‘Seeing Your Scene presents’ tour supporting Petrol Girls. The tour will take place across July, starting 10th in Manchester and finishing on 12th in Brighton. They also have a date of their own in Leeds of 29th July.

To find out more about Hora Douse visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @horadouse

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