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I’ve heard a lot about Slaves over the last couple of months but had not actually gotten around to listening to them. However, over the Glastonbury weekend, I managed to catch some of their set on TV and I was pretty damn impressed with what I heard so I thought it was more than about time that I featured these guys on here.

Above is their latest single ‘Cheer Up London’, a rousing punk rock track full of riffs, crashing cymbals and a vocal delivery more reminiscent of a grime artist than a punk rock frontman. Although, the shouting, commanding nature of the vocal plays well with the punk of this track as it still gives it that aggressive edge which is so prominent throughout punk music of all generations. It is a great track mixing old school punk rock sensabilities and modern day grime so well that it makes this band accessible to so many.

Hailing from Tunbridge Wells, this punk rock duo know how to make a lot of noise and put out some tracks which really not only brilliant but rousing. They will inevitably be lumped in with all the other two piece rock bands around at the moment but I guess when their company is the likes of Royal Blood and Drenge it isn’t all that bad.

After releasing their first EP back in 2012, it took the band two years to release their first proper single ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie?’ which was the catalyst to them being signed by Virgin EMI. Since then they have appeared on Jools Holland’s show, been nominated for the BBC Sound of 2015 poll, released another single and their debut album ‘Are You Satisfied?’ which was described as a “solid debut” by Clash Music.

After a busy couple of years, it seems that things are really starting to take off for this pair and rightly so with such good music being released by them and some great live sets. Make sure you check these guys out and if you get the chance to see them live this summer, take it. Otherwise they are on tour in the UK this November, find out more here.

To find out more about Slaves visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @Slaves

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