This Week #4

Summer Evenings in the Pub including Gin and Cider / Went on a bit of a book buying spree this week / Thursday’s Lunch: Avocado and Quorn Chicken Salad / Happy Birthday to my lovely boyfriend!

This week has gone super fast because I have just been so busy, it’s been quite non stop really. Spending the first part of last weekend chilling out watching Glastonbury on TV on Friday night but as soon as Saturday hit there was plenty to do. Cleaning the house, helping my boyfriend to pack up and clean his house including trips to the tip, storage and more journeys. It was a busy couple of days made harder by the heat of the weekend but it was punctuated nicely by a nice Saturday night spent in the pub with my boyfriend drinking ciders and gins, listening to some great live music and staying out in the bar garden until almost midnight, summer is officially here.

After a busy weekend, the week didn’t slow down much and a to do list as long as my arm proved that. But less of me talking about the stressful and not very interesting parts of the week and more talk about the good stuff. It was my boyfriend’s birthday yesterday, he turned 30 and even though he’s not overly bothered about doing much, it is a big birthday and it can not go unmarked. I must admit I spent more on him than I probably should have but he appreciated it all and there is nothing better than seeing someone open a present you bought for them and them loving it. This weekend, we’ll be celebrating his birthday with his friends doing a little pub tour of Sheffield which should be fun and for him, definitely the best way for him to celebrate his birthday with his friends.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

The Maccabees – Grew Up At Midnight

Man Without Country – Romanek

Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me

In case you missed it, here is the link to this week’s tracks of the week #105

What I’ve Been Reading:

– A great guide on how to pack and pack light, making the most out of space and carry on baggage allowance.
– This great interview with Zawe Ashton on The Pool talking about her new show, social anxiety and feminism. Plus another great interview with Zawe in Vice recently too.
– An interesting piece by Lauren Laverne on The Pool’s site all about hating your own voice and learning to love the sound of it.

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