new music: Temporary Hero & Seventh Stranger

Today, some new music for you that has a very strong message to it. After the shocking events in Charleston, SC last month, two East Coast acts Temporary Hero and Seventh Stranger teamed up to create a funky, driving anthem that calls for the end of racism, hatred and intolerance. You can check out the video below:

Joseph Vit aka Temporary Hero has this to say about the video; “Please when you have the time this video needs to be shared and the song heard. This isn’t an ego thing at all… nor will I be getting rich off the royalties. Like anyone who creates, I want to spread the very topical (sadly) message in song and visuals. So take the time when you have it and watch and then send to everyone you know.This was a last minute project: I wrote and produced the song two weeks ago but yesterday felt compelled to create the video. You’ll see why.

“It’s hard as an electronic witness to any tragedy like the awful horrific act of terrorism that occurred in Charleston to make any kind of remark other than supposition based upon the media’s accounts. But that doesn’t lessen the utter despair and hopelessness that one can feel. We become so detached from these occurrences because they are sadly so frequent. I’m talking about police beatings, unjust killings, and these acts of sheer slaughter on the basis of racism, hate, ego. I’m ashamed to be oblivious to so many of these events. I’m ashamed at times to call myself a citizen because I don’t feel I do enough to fight these awful things.

“But I can only do so much, right? This – despite what some of you business types might think – is not meant to be some self-aggrandizing attempt to boost Anticodon’s or my own personal profile. But one of our recent releases was written specifically about this dilemma in which I find myself. The quandary of what can I do when it is so far removed from my life? Writing a song isn’t enough. What are we doing now with all these things we allow when we don’t care?

“I fear I have nothing I can offer. Help me spread the word and end this cycle,”

Please check out this video and share it if you can, it is a strong message that needs to get out there to stop these terrible things from happening. Music is always a great way to spread messages and help people so that is why I think these two artists coming together and producing a song with a strong message is so important.

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