new music: Gengahr cover Fugazi

London four piece Gengahr have been featured on this blog before and for good reason, because they are a great band with a wonderful and interesting sound. The band who have already released a handful of very good singles, all of which have received great reviews and plenty of airplay, are currently gearing up to release their debut album ‘A Dream Outside’.

Between plenty of press and even more shows all around the country, the guys have managed to record an absolutely stunning cover of Fugazi’s ‘I’m So Tired’ which you can check out below:

The dreamlike and gossamer style of much of the music from Gengahr is a huge juxtaposition of the post-hardcore sound of Fugazi, however this track is well known for being one of only a few examples of Fugazi’s lead singer Ian Mackaye actually singing. Here the band have well and truly but their own spin on it with piano being the main feature throughout between the flowing and delicate vocal sounds. As the calm, delicate and atmospheric sounds begin to fade, a huge riff featuring some serious chord shredding closes proceedings and paying homage to the band they have covered.

The band’s album is set for release on June 15th and they have many festival dates planned all around the UK and Europe this summer so whichever festival you are at you should catch them. If not then they have a tour planned in the UK in October taking in everywhere from Sheffield to Nottingham, London to Cambridge. Find out more about their planned tour dates here.

To find out more about Gengahr visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @gengahr

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