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Today, I bring you some new music from Wigan trio Deep Shade and their debut single ‘Tattoo’. The psychedelic infused alt-rock act have decided to release their first single as a free download which you can get now from their Soundcloud page.

The above track is a great example of modern day rock music with an interesting twist from the psychedelic influences that are prevelant throughout the whole thing. With a strong vocal, a grungy rock and roll guitar line and huge drums as well as the commanding rhythm of the verses, this really is a great track. It is catchy with its repeated chords but at the same time it is a heavy track that makes you want to embrace your inner rock god/chick. A really brilliant way to kick off their career and releases.

The song is taken from their soon to be released debut ‘Everything Popular is Wrong’ which will give people a true insight to the world of Deep Shade and their influences which range from Queens of the Stone Age to Led Zepplin and Beck. The band have already established a loyal following in the North of England through strong live performances and they’ve also gained airplay from the like of BBC Introducing and alternative radio in the UK, EU and US! They may not have been together long but that hasn’t stopped them from acheiving all that already along with being a part of The Guardian’s ‘Hot Top Ten Unsigned British Bands’. It looks like the future really is rosy for this Northern three piece.

To find out more about Deep Shade visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @deepshademusic

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