How to Prepare for Eurovision

The biggest night of the year [well my year anyway] takes place tonight, that’s right Eurovision 2015 is happening in just mere hours people! The excitement from me is huge as always as my obsession with this one night of the year grows and grows as time goes by. Surprisingly, I’ve never held a Eurovision party myself but it is something I want to do when I move out and have my own place, going all out for the one night of the year I know will be brilliant! I’ve picked up some tips over the years that I want to incorporate into a party so I thought it was only fair to share with you how to perfectly prepare for Eurovision!









Listen to the Official Eurovision Playlist & Pick Your Favourites

Beck when I first started watching Eurovison, the songs were a surprise which was always fun but now you can listen to the tracks beforehand and pick your favourites for the night and the country/countries that you will be supporting. Obviously, what the acts do on the night is still a surprise but really as some of these songs are actually pretty good why not listen to them beforehand to get yourself in the mood for the night. Check out the playlist here.










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Prepare a cheesy party atmosphere for your guests

Streamers, balloons, glitter, confetti and as much sparkle as you can throw at your chosen venue is the best way to completely and perfectly decorate and create a party atmosphere. But as much as sparkle and shine is great, comfort is also required so plenty of cushions, beanbags, blankets and the like should also be on hand. The night and programme is a long one so comfort is key to really enjoying the experience.

Dress Up

I am definitely not a fan of dress up and I hate fancy dress parties but even I could get onboard with Eurovison fancy dress. Mainly because the whole thing is so easy, you only need a silly pair of sunglasses, a massive hat, lots of jewellery, feathers, sequins or the like and you are basically a Eurovision star in the making. A great idea, if you have the budget or the accessories already in, would be to create a little fancy dress crate in the corner of the room where your guests can rifle through and pick out a few items for their look. That would be my ideal dream to have in the future for my party.












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Put on a European spread

This tip is one I’ve seen many times online before but it is a good one for putting on a varied buffet style cuisine or a load of snacks for the night because again it is a long night and snacks are needed. Showcase bitesize options from each country or as many as you can is a great idea like sausage rolls from the UK, Brie and Baguettes from France, mini Pretzels from Germany, Belgian chocolate, the possibilities are endless and you can be as classic or as inventive as you like. If you have a big guest list and the budget is tight give your guests a couple of countries each to provide some snacks for and share the cost of the night.

Keep the drinks flowing

Let’s face it, Eurovision is the best the more you’ve drunk, even Graham Norton knows that. There are plenty of Eurovision drinking games online to be found which is a great idea for a party game mixed in with the night. Carrying on the European theme you could have wines, spirits and beers from different countries of the world to showcase some variety – Guiness, Sangria, Champagne, Limoncello or just a simple German white wine [my personal favourite] are all great options and can be picked up for cheap in shops like Lidl and again spread the cost with everyone bringing a bottle or two.








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Come up with some good Eurovision themed games
Like the Eurovision drinking games which are perfectly for while you are watching, some games are a great way to either kickstart the night or keep the energy levels up during the boring voting bit in the middle of the night. Eurovision quizzes/trivia, Eurovision Charades and more, the possibilities are endless. Again there will be some ideas online, like on Stonewall’s website or the BBC’s website, for pre-written quizzes but if you fancy making up your own game then go for it, the weirder the better because this night is all about fun!

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