new music: Kadeem Tyrell – Everything

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from London born singer Kadeem Tyrell. The 21 year old has already released a couple of songs via his Soundcloud page with the latest being the brilliant new track ‘Everything’ which you can check out below:

This track is full of atmospherics, sultry sounds and flowing notes created by electronics, beats and the wonderful vocals. The voice of Tyrell is soulful throughout the verses but harmonious and almost poppy in the choruses, perfectly showcasing his style and changing up his vocals to fit with the tempo of the track too. The choruses are infectious with great percussion, a huge sound and rhythm and melodies that blend well together. A great modern day soul meets R’n’B track.

With thousands of plays of his tracks on Soundcloud and plenty of followers on Twitter and Tumblr, it shows that social media really is the best place for new musicians to reach a huge audience before they can afford a studio session to record or to be able to go on tour. As his music gets out to a bigger audience and his sound progresses to one that is really quite brilliant for someone so young, you can tell that big things really could and should be happening to this guy in the near future.

To find out more about Kadeem Tyrell visit his Soundcloud page, his Tumblr, or you can follow him on Twitter – @Kadeem_Tyrell

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