EP Review: Patrons – The Momentary Effects of Sunlight

The Momentary Effects of Sunlight
Release Date: 13th May 2015

Hailing from the South West and formed in 2013, Patrons have built up quite the fanbase with their music that gives a nod to the likes of bands such as Thrice and Reuben and their great live shows where their in the moment performances create an engaging experience. The quartet released their debut self-titled EP back in March last year and now are back with their follow up in the form of the four-track ‘The Momentary Effects of Sunlight’.

A slow, subdued build up of tinkling guitar chords and a steady bass line bring us into opening track, ‘Lost Age’. When the vocals come in they are harmonious in nature working perfectly alongside little melodies of the guitar. As we get closer to the chorus, the pace quickens with marching band style drums that give way to pounding beats and crashing cymbals alongside huge metal riffs and a mix of shouted vocals and the muffled screams of backing voices. This is a great track changing from wonderfully serene to a massive rock song in mere seconds.

Zig zagging riffs open ‘Circus’ to create a jerky atmosphere which is backed up by the offbeat hi hats. Things still maintain a skewed edge when the vocals come in with their rock edge and shouted urgency making them the main focal point. After big sounds comes the quieter middle point of the track where there is almost silence before bursting back in with hammered out drums, screaming voices and chaotic moments from the cymbals and guitars.

‘Old Rain’ hits you straight away with its fast and urgent start full of guitars and drums that fill every corner. There is more melody to the vocals here as they sing and flow from one minute to the next, weaving their way in and out of the chords and rhythms. The final chorus is where things culminate with soaring riffs and vocals as well as great percussion.

It is a slightly less in your face opening to ‘Blood Symphony’ as melodies and infectious sounds are the order of the day making it a catchy one from the off with rhythms that will make you want to dance. Guitars flit from quick riffs to building chords and oscillating junctures while drums progress from steady hits to huge beats and clashing cymbals. It is quite the epic of a track coming in at over 6 minutes long and fully encompassing everything from quiet stillness and beauty to screaming, heavy rock fuelled creation. They really have saved the best until last by finishing on this song, leaving you with something truly momentous to take away from this wonderful four track EP.

Check out ‘Lost Age’ taken from the EP below:

The Momentary Effects of Sunlight by PATRONS

To find out more about Patrons visit their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @wearePATRONS

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