EP Review: Dar Papillon – Bottle of Doubt

Dar Papillon
Bottle of Doubt

Dar Papillon are a new wave influenced band from Buckinghamshire who are set to be releasing their debut demo EP in the next few months. The now trio started off as a solo project by bassist and vocalist Alex last year. The first demo he posted online was picked up by BBC Introducing in June, since then life and education got in the way but now they are back with these great new tracks and shows booked in around the country.

Opening track ‘Marrow’ brings us in with echoey bass notes creating a sort of hollow bubble in which this track is encased. The guitars become the musical peak as their high notes ebb and flow between the low-toned percussion perfectly. Toeing the line between those musical peaks and troughs is the main vocal which reaches low-lilts, whispering moments and high-reaching notes. A very good track to open with.

It is oscillating guitar chords that bring us into ‘Bottle of Doubt’, who’s bass notes imitate that of the guitar. The whole track feels bigger with soaring vocal moments, a louder sound and choruses verging on the term ‘big’. The lyrics have a sorrowful nature to them which I think is obvious throughout the majority of this EP becoming a great basis to work off and build on musically.

A deep, atmospheric bass line opens ‘Shut Me Down’, building, as softly hit hi-hats, a steady drum and swirling guitar riff are added. The baritone of the voice add to the dour feel created from that bass line that holds the whole thing together. A middle eight of near-screeching guitar notes changes the emphasis from the lower end of the musical spectrum, adding some light to the shade.

A quick bout of drum and cymbal hit start off ‘Stone’ giving a great sense of tempo and upbeat tone to work from straight away. The guitar has a shoegazey depth giving it a sound somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division. Again, the vocals are moody and less harmony focused as their spoken nature emphasises the lyrics instead. However, the choruses are fast paced with a swing towards harmonious vocals, guitar melodies and a sound that will see you swaying along.

An EP and band that are definitely worth checking out by the signs of these four tracks.

To find out more about Dar Papillon visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @darpapillonUK

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