EP Review: Layby – Life’s Great Illusions

Life’s Great Illusions
Release Date: 20th April 2015

Nottingham hardcore upstarts Layby have recently announced the release of their second EP ‘Life’s Great Illusions’ set to drop of 20th April. The EP was recorded at Sheffield’s Steel City Studios at the end of last year and marks the start of a new path for the band. After recording their vocalist left but instead of starting all over again the band carried on recruiting a new singer and setting a release date for this follow up. There is some great tracks found on here and it is a welcome addition to the UK punk scene right now.

Kicking straight with pounding drums, crashing cymbals and squealing riffs that is ‘Soundcheck’ making this an EP that punches you in the face immediately with its sonic power. Chugging guitar riffs are backed up perfectly with fast, power played drums and when this short intro ends you just can’t wait to dig further into this EP.

Next up is single ‘Chronic’ where again the drums are bashed, guitars chug along heartily and there is a whole feel of metal meeting heavy rock. The vocals are probably not the most melodic out there, being slightly reminiscent of ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter, but they suit the style of music perfectly; standing out with their slightly higher pitch against those bassy, low ebbs from the guitar, bass and drums.

The whole EP has a mid-00’s American hardcore punk edge to it but it really is a great reinvention for 2015. ’Where I Stand’ is no exception to that, it may be a less in your face start with muted yet fuzzy guitar strums before calmer drums and great melodies are added making the emphasis be on the build ups and the breakdowns. The vocals here are more shouted than on the last track which is surprising given the take down in volume. It is a catchy chorus packed with rhythms and harmonies which intertwine to create a feel good atmosphere just begging you to dance along.

It’s a very subdued start to ‘Kicking and Screaming’ as the guitar gently strums along, ebbing and flowing and guiding you into this once. It all kicks in with the drums through chaotic rhythms and shouted vocals making the title of this track somewhat apt throughout. While final track ‘Losing Faith’ has a bigger feel from the off giving it a teenage anthem feel sure to make this a popular one with fans. The quick delivery of drums and huge vocals build to massive choruses that will see people singing along with passion. And even though the lyrics may not be overly happy in tone, the uptempo sound and feel good atmosphere is a good thing to end this most recent body of work on.

Check out the band’s latest single ‘Chronic’ below:

To find out more about Layby visit their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @LaybyUK


EP Cover taken from facebook.com/LaybyUK

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