A City Guide to Budapest

After my recent trip to Budapest I decided that it would probably be a good idea to put together a little bit of a guide to the city, nothing extensive but just some of the nice places I went to eat and drink in the city and a couple of things to do as well. I think this may be the first in a series as I’ve never really written about the other cities I have been to in Europe and after spending a month in 2012 travelling I thought it was about time that I started talking about it and imparting some of my knowledge to others looking for similar experiences. So look forward to more travel related posts coming in the future, in the meantime here is my Budapest Guide.

Where to eat:











source – welovebudapest.com

 photo photo 4 7_zpsz1ezu2ke.jpg

 photo photo 5 7_zpsiuoplepj.jpg

Blue Bird Cafe

Looking for somewhere that does a great breakfast, good coffee or has a menu to suit those after a more healthier option then this cafe is the one for you. On our last morning we headed here for a breakfast that truly set us up for the rest of the day until we were back on UK shores. I had the Mediterranean breakfast, full of fresh ingredients including salad, olives, feta and pitta, it was the most delicious breakfast I’ve had in a while. Their pastry selection is great too, their chocolate croissants are a treat, and with an extensive drinks menu from coffee and tea to juices it has something for everyone.
Located: Budapest, Dob u. 16, 1072 Hungary











source – budapesttimes.hu

 photo photo 3 1_zpsbgxa1dr1.jpg

 photo photo 4 1_zpsjsk97pyk.jpg

Spinoza Cafe

This cafe is utterly great and a must visit while you are in Budapest. Every search I did for good restaurants this came up near the top with amazing reviews and it is understandable, the menu is extensive catering for all, the service is excellent and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of food you are getting. I thought I’d struggle to find veggie food in Budapest but here I had the goats cheese wrapped in zucchini served on rice and it was utterly delicious. Follow your mains with some of the apple strudel, you will not be disappointed!
Located: Budapest, Dob u. 15, 1074 Hungary









source – welovebudapest.com




















source – budapesttimes.hu

Vintage Garden

Alright so I didn’t actually eat here, we only had a drink after looking in through the window and my boyfriend insisting we go in because I clearly loved the look of the place. Which I did, it is beautiful decorated really living up to it’s name of Vintage Garden. The drinks were lovely and reasonably priced and after having a look at the menu and seeing the food being served it would be a great place for your evening meal. With veggies options alongside a multitude of dishes and the relaxed atmosphere, it really was a place I wish we’d had time to eat at and if I’m ever back in Budapest it is top of the list.
Located: Budapest, Dob u. 21, 1075 Hungary

Where to Drink:











source – helyszinonline.hu

 photo photo 5 1_zpswt7aggc4.jpg


This is a great little ruin bar with a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. We headed here on our first night and was impressed by how these old underground ruins had been turned into an awesome bar and space for live music. The staff were lovely with the barman making lemonade for me as they didn’t have any in, plus there was a great soundtrack of some awesome alt-dance stuff but at the same time you could talk to each other. Definitely somewhere to have a nice, relaxed drink.
Located: Budapest, Dob u. 15, 1074 Hungary












source – gotohungary.com

Yellow Zebra Bar

Another place where we stopped off for a drink, this time on the second night. We headed here before crossing the road to Szimpla Kert and it was a nice, chilled atmosphere much like Lampas where you felt completely at ease. Again, the staff were lovely and helpful, the prices were good and it is another place worth visiting for a drink or two.
Located: Budapest, 1075, Kazinczy utca 5, 1075 Hungary











source – szimpla.hu

 photo photo 2 2_zpstmlkdmiv.jpg

 photo photo 3 2_zpsu0rk94pv.jpg

 photo photo 3 7_zpsmp1cpvci.jpg

Szimpla Kert

In complete contrast to the last two places I mentioned is Szimpla Kert with its party atmosphere, amazing decor and late night dancing/drinking it really is one of the best and most amazing places to visit in the city. If you are after a good night out then this really is the place to be, unlike a lot of clubs in the UK, there is no entry fee, drinks are as cheap as other bars, there is no snobbery and it has a playlist that is brilliant and will have you dancing. The bar/club also serves food so if you wanted to head over there in the day for a burger it would be a great place to eat, I didn’t have one but I was very tempted by the veggie burger. All I can say is if you are in Budapest head here for an amazing night out!
Located: Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075 Hungary

Places to see:

 photo photo 2 4_zpsfm9aplzx.jpg

 photo photo 4 4_zps6fmdtkze.jpg

 photo photo 5 4_zpszkdov5qd.jpg

Central Market

This place is utterly amazing and a place to definitely add into your day plans to check out. You may think visiting a market is boring and not really holiday related but trust me this place’s architecture alone is worth a visit to check out for yourself. Inside the place is bustling unlike so many markets in this country, with an array of sellers selling everything from veg to meat, fabrics to trinkets, it has something for everyone and it is a true showcase of how good markets over here could be. The upstairs has a restaurant with very decent food for very cheap prices as well as a few stalls selling Hungarian delicacies such as fried bread with whatever toppings you want or more traditional fare like jacket potatoes. A great place to visit for shopping, food or just to have a look at the building itself.
Located: Budapest, Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093 Hungary

 photo SAM_0098_zpsjkz98zzj.jpg

 photo SAM_0104_zpstgvgjapw.jpg

 photo photo 1_zps6mkit2dc.jpg

Castle and Boat Tour

So the castle is obviously a must see and especially for someone like me who insists on visiting a castle in every single city in the world if I can. The castle now is not the original but a rebuilt version from the 60’s after it was destroyed in the war but it is no less stunning. Today, the castle houses museums and galleries but you can walk around the huge grounds for free, it is worth it for the view across the river from the castle walls if nothing else.

Boat tours are another thing that I adore, most cities I’ve been to in Europe I’ve indulged on a boat tour when possible because they are a great way to see the city. This was the main thing I wanted to do so we went on our second day and the hour and 10 minute cruise was relaxing and informative, my favourite type of sightseeing. We just went on the basic tour which was 3900 HUF [£8] and you got a free drink of beer, wine or a soft drink. There are evening tours and tours with a meal but this was just perfect and what I was after so I’d definitely recommend Legenda boat tours.
Legenda Boat Tour Located: Budapest, Vigadó tér Hajóállomás 7-es kikötő, 1051 Hungary

 photo SAM_0112_zpsdkjzr8c3.jpg

 photo SAM_0119_zpsmaymnvte.jpg

Furnicular Railway

Another great reason to visit the castle is that you can take a ride on this awesome Furnicular Railway. I’m glad we went on it because it isn’t everyday you get to go up the side of a hill in a railway carriage, though I wish Sheffield had some of these sometimes. We only used it going up as it was such a nice day and a shame not to walk back down the hill and take in the scenery. At 1200 HUF [£3] for a single journey and 1900 HUF [£4] for a return it is very affordable and worth indulging in.
Located: At the side of the castle, Budapest, Clark Ádám tér, 1013 Hungary

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