tracks of the week #90

Best Coast – California Nights

I’ve heard a lot about these over the years and I think really it has been hard not to with their great sound captivating many. This is their latest release and is just a hazy, ambient, chilled out piece of music that is so easy to get lost in. Imagine this song just as the sun is going down at any UK festival or ending the night as the sun comes up, just perfect. If you are not already familiar with Best Coast then go and make yourselves familiar with their back catalogue.

Courtney Barnett – Out of The Woodwork

My boyfriend bought tickets to see Courtney a couple of weeks ago and so I thought it was only right that I gave her tracks a listen to before we went to see her. The first track I listened to I’m pretty sure I’d already heard on the radio or something at some point as it seemed so familiar but as I went on listening this track became a firm favourite of mine. It is just so brilliant with fast tinkling keys, crashing cymbals, her trademark nonchalent tone to the vocals and just a wonderfully put together track. Make sure you check her out.

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