Sheffield Showcase #11: Chelsea Park

Every month, Mixtape Couture will be showcasing and shining a light on the talent that can be found in Sheffield. From bands to fashion brands, shops to restaurants, events to exhibitions, if it’s in Sheffield and it’s worth you knowing about then I will be letting you know. Whether you are a Sheffield resident yourself or are planning a visit one day [which I highly recommend] then hopefully this feature will help you to know where to visit, what to do and what’s going on in the Steel City.

This month, I’m bringing you something a little different in the showcase, instead of a restaurant, pub, shop etc I will be talking about one of my favourite parks in the city. It is a place I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day City Guide last month and I’d like to expand a little bit more and hopefully bring it the attention of people who haven’t been before.












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I first went to Chelsea Park as a child, when I stayed at my dad’s on a weekend we’d usually go to the park on a Sunday. I always protested that I didn’t want to go to the park but 3 hours later and you couldn’t get me out of any park in the city. I used to go to Millhouses Park a lot, a much bigger park than Chelsea, because it had a lot of play areas and a mini funfair so that was always fun as a child but as I got older I wanted a bit of a change sometimes and my dad told me about Chelsea Park.

He lived in Nether Edge at the time and it is only around a 15 minutes walk from where he lived. The walk is up quite a steep hill but we are talking about Sheffield here, where isn’t hilly, but it is through a lovely area of Sheffield and down a road where I found my dream house and age 9 I professed that I would own that house one day. I’m still dreaming but as long as it is still there, there is a possibility of that potentially becoming an expensive reality for me.












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Anyway, the park itself is quite small in comparison to a lot of others in Sheffield, located near the old Nether Edge Hospital it is a nice calm escape in the middle of a beautiful suburb of this city. The small park boasts a small play area for the kids and then just beautiful open space. It is so perfect and tranqual and a complete hidden gem. I spent so long discovering every inch of this park and there is in one of the trees a wonderful carving of an owl so if you go definitely try and scope that out. It may not be the perfect park for keeping the kids entertained but it is great for a nice short stroll or a lovely place to go to completely chill out as it really is never that busy at all.










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I think I’ve just talked myself into revisiting this park, it has been a long time since I last went but it is somewhere that I will always love. It is somewhere I want to continue to revisit throughout my life and if I do buy that house on the same street then I can every day haha. As spring is starting to roll around I think it is the perfect time to head back to this part of the city and revisit a favourite place of mine.

Chelsea Park is situated in Nether Edge on Chelsea Road, S11 9BZ

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