Food Review: The White Lion, Worksop

A rare occurence on this here blog today with a food review that is not from Sheffield, there has been a few over the past year or so but not many but here is another from further afield and by further afield I mean about a 40 minute drive away in Worksop. Last weekend, my boyfriend took me to his hometown for the day and we headed for a lovely lunch at The White Lion, potentially one of the poshest pubs I’ve been in for a long time with its extensive and wonderfully mouthwatering menu and beautiful decor, it is a place to visit for a casual meal or an event like a birthday or anniversary.

As soon as we walked in there was a lovely atmosphere in the pub and you could tell this place was popular from the amount of tables that were reserved for that Saturday evening/night of service. Settling down with a lemonade we looked over the menu and I’m not going to lie I was drawn to the dessert before I’d even looked at anything else, but more on that later. With my need for dessert in mind, I went for a smaller main by opting for a cheddar and sweet pickle sandwich on brown bloomer bread, there was the option of white baguette or white bloomer too, with chips instead of a huge meal. I usually never go for sandwiches in pubs because they are more than likely disappointing for the astronomical price they charge. This however was a different story, a strong grated cheddar with a lovely sweet pickle both perfectly complimenting each other on soft bread was just what I wanted and a sandwich that changed my opinion slightly on pub sandwiches. I paid a little extra for the chips too and I’m glad I did as they were perfectly cooked and finished off the meal well.

 photo photo 2 1_zps4rqyxl9j.jpg

After that great opinion changing sandwich, I still had just enough room for the dessert that caught my eye early. The apple, sultana and cinnamon crumble! Yes those perfect words did just all appear on a menu together and honestly the best decision I have made in a long time was ordering this. The soft apples and sultanas were genorously laced with the warming and wintery spices of the cinnamon in what was a heavenly combination. Topped with a lovely crumble with bits of oats and maybe nuts to add crunch to the otherwise buttery topping, it was a great crumble from first to last bite. On the menu, the crumble was to be served with custard but as a life-long hater of custard I asked for ice cream and got more than what I was expecting. I just assumed it would be a scoop of vanilla but they paired the sensational winter dessert with homemade rum and raisin ice cream that was laced with so much rum I really think if I’d had more than a scoop I would have been a little tipsy.

 photo photo 3_zpsswjsyyvy.jpg

After a great main and a delectable dessert, I left the pub happy and with that warm feeling that comes from having great food. I really recommend this place for the relaxing atmosphere of a pub but the great menu and service you would find from a restaurant that would charge a lot more than The White Lion charged us for our great grub.

The White Lion is situated at 50 Park Street, Worksop, S80 1HF
To find out more about The White Lion visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @_thewhitelion

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