new music: Tim Young – Everything I Ever Wanted To Be

A new year brings plenty more new music for your ears via my blog and one of the first new acts for you to make sure you check out in 2015 is the brilliant Tim Young from Sedona, Arizona with his great track ‘Everything I Ever Wanted To Be’.

The track is a great mix of wonderful folky acoustic guitar with a rock edge from the fast playing and quick chord changes while the vocals have a wonderful sense of rhythm to them leading the song beautifully from verse to chorus and back again with the gravelly tone that runs throughout them giving them such a lovely quality in sound.

‘Everything I Ever Wanted To Be’ is taken from a new release which is due out early this year and will definitely be worthy of more than a few listens.

To find out more about Tim Young follow him on Twitter – @timsored or you can check out his blog or his Soundcloud page.

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