new music: The Grubby Mitts

The Grubby Mitts is the new project from Andy Holden where him and a group of friends who have all known each other since the age of 12 have come together to create great music. Music that has found a place in small artist run spaces throughout the country bringing a new perspective to music and the culmination of that is the video below for the track ‘To A Friend’s House The Way Is Never Long’:

The video was filmed over the course of last summer throughout the band’s rock tour where they played venues from Sheffield S1 Artspace and Rhubaba in Edinburgh. This was their last song every night and the video is the bringing together of all the pieces from every night into one coherent video that fully showcases everything their tour was about. The tour was their way of exploring the concept of friendship through the friendship banner decorations they used to the projections behind the band while they were playing and the great, family-style atmosphere they band were trying to create every single night and I think that is something that really comes across in the video.

The Bedford band of friends having been playing together in a variety of different bands over the years and their album, due in March, has been 8 years in the making. This release is part anthology and part debut album with a mix of all their most loved sounds from pop and dance to rock and indie influences being found throughout this one. There are string quartets, children’s choirs, a school orchestra and spoken word all placed throughout the album perfectly blending together while standing as separate entities in their own right.

The above single is their debut from the album and has been described by Drowned In Sound as “a thoughtscursion…oddly moving and hypnotic…only a churl could object” and The Guardian described their music as “…Wonderfully sad, with huge conviction and emotion”. They are a band that are being championed by many for pushing the boundaries and surely that is only a good thing as the release date for their debut album draws nearer.

To find out more about The Grubby Mitts visit their website and their Facebook page.

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