new music: Jackson ft. James Yuill – Love Love Love

Some more new music for you today this time a new dance meets folk track by Jackson featuring James Yuill called ‘Love Love Love’. James who has had success with album releases through Moshi Moshi and Nettwork records and having toured with the likes of M83, Pheonix, Hot Chip and Rokysopp has teamed up with London based DJ and producer Jackson for this latest release.

The track itself fuses the two genres of upbeat dance sounds with calmer and more ambient folk sounds perfectly. With great rhythms created from the beats and some interesting sounds from the dubby synths set against harmonious vocals and calming melodies created by the steady guitar lines. It is a short but sweet track with a catchy chorus. As well as the original version there has also been a dub mix of the track and a remix from German producer Zwette who has created a stripped down version of this one.

The track which has been described by Clash as “Deft, blissful synth pop…” is out and available to download on 12th January.

To find out more about James Yuill visit website or you can follow Jackson on Twitter – @IamJacksonDJ

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