In 2015, I want to…

Hello 2015, you are a year I’m looking to make full use of, taking opportunities that come may way, working hard, experiencing new things and packing it full of as much as I possibly can. I have lists of things I want to do and learn in 2015 so I thought the best thing to do would be to round it all up on here and then I have a place I can come back to and see how well I’m doing throughout the year, also I may inspire some of you to decide to add some of these to your own personal 2015 lists too.



– Grow the blog further, in terms of readers, content and reaching more people online
– Carry on incorporating more of my passions into the blog
– Find more new music to bring to people all the time
– Stick to the new plans I made for the blog back in October
– Don’t be so scared to take risks with content


– Don’t be so scared to take risks in life whether on a career or personal life level
– Grow my confidence and self esteem
– Take more time out to spend with the people I care about
– Take more time out for myself and to look after number 1
– Become the best version of me I can possibly be
– Be happy and be appreciative of all that I have in my life



– Learn more HTML
– Take more pictures and become better at my photography
– Feature more music artists and more regularly
– Write more styles of pieces instead of just the review
– Try and hit follower milestones but don’t get caught up in the numbers
– Use social media to mine and my blog’s advantage as much as possible

 photo IMG_2008_zpsf8daf11d.jpg

Books To Read

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Three Muskeeters. Re-read Little Women [again]. More Jane Austen, more Le Carre, more Sylvia Plath and more stories that will inspire and motivate me.

Films To Watch/Rewatch

Rewatch The Matrix, Star Wars and The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings. Watch The Dark Knight trilogy and watch more of the classics that I’ve not seen before.

 photo photo12_zps5d04d08b.jpg

Places to Visit

New York, Newcastle, Cornwall, Dublin, Berlin. There are many others places as I have a travel bucket list a mile long but I’m trying to keep it slightly more realistic with just 5 places.

Things To Do

Finish my scrapbook and the family scrapbook, do more sewing/make more clothes, finally finish decorating the house.

Skills To Master

Crocheting, HTML to a higher level than my basic knowledge, Photography and how to use my camera without relying on automatic settings, more difficult cooking and baking recipes

 photo IMG_2359_zps2f5626b3.jpg

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